Micro Penis

Introduction To Micropenis

Micropenis, or Microphallus, is the clinical term used to describe a relatively small, fully functioning penis. Often coexisting with other syndromes, micropenis is most often caused by a malfunction in the chromosomal and hormonal factors that decide the sex of a fetus during growth.

Although micropenis is considered a disorder of sexual development (DSD), the presence of a normal scrotum and visible testes indicates a high probability of a normal male karyotype. In some cases adults with micropenis do report having a low sperm count resulting in infertility or decreased fertility. One major concern for men with a micropenis is whether it will affect their sexual life?

Most treatments for Micropenis take place just after birth and around puberty usually involving hormones to stimulate further penile growth. Although there are surgical options, there have been recent reviews suggesting surgery not be recommended to patients specifically because of the lack of satisfaction. But there is still hope! There are other alternatives for adults with a micropenis.

Will A Penis Extender Help With Micropenis?

The use of a penis extender or pump has returned rather satisfying results to men with a micropenis. X4 Labs, the leading brand of penis extenders have specifically designed a penis extender for men with abnormally small penises. The X4 Labs Mini-support piece is guaranteed to fit the smallest penis and has can increase your overall size by 35%. X4 Labs has created a clinically proven device that allows you to gradually increase the length and girth of your penis as well as improving the overall strength of your erection. Penis extenders are a safe and effective method to penis enlargement that saves you from having to go through any expensive surgical procedure.

How Do Male Enhancement Pills Affect Micropenis?

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Additional Treatments For Micropenis

Although micropenises are fairly uncommon there are thousands of men out there who all believe their penis is smaller than average and that they, as lovers, cannot satisfy. For example XXL for men is a powerful male enhancing cream designed to provide instant results. Results that can enhance any sexual experience, with benefits ranging from harder and stronger erections to improved sexual stamina.